Reconstruction by dilation in 3D (user specify connectivity of the structured element 6 or 26) [Default=6].


function call:




in_img1 -  input image, a DICOM image, the mask image.

in_img2 -  input image, a DICOM image, the seed image.

connected – an integer specifying whether 6 or 26 connected is used.



out_img1 – a DICOM image which has been reconstructed by dilation.

out_img2 – a DICOM image, the remaining parts of the image that were excluded from the reconstruction.



[filename, chosenDirectory] = uigetfile('*.dcm', 'Pick an M-file');

filePath = [chosenDirectory filename];

stackOfImages=vsg('DICOMRead',filePath);  %4D array of data

stackOfImages1 = stackOfImages;


connected=6; % 6 or 26 connected




1. For RGB or Dicom images, the function operates on all colour planes or slices separately.

2. Dicom images require XMedCon software (version xmedcon-0.10.5-1-win32).

3. DICOM data must be in a separate folder.

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