Toolbox Installation
1. Download the VSG IPA toolbox setup file – setup_VSG.exe (setup_VSG(64bit) for 64 bit Windows OS)
2. Run the executable setup_VSG.exe

The VSG IPA Toolbox files and examples are installed to the newly created directory – C:\VSG_IPA_Toolbox. Do not delete any files from this directory.


The executable continues to install XMedCon which is needed for the advanced medical functions in the toolbox. (User must accept and continue, do not change the install path).

5. If the host machine contains multiple versions of MATLAB, the VSG IPA Toolbox will install to the most current version.

To check that the toolbox has installed correctly,

·         Start Matlab (most current version on machine)

·         Enter the command: cd C:\VSG_IPA_toolbox\examples

·         Enter the command: convolution_example

This runs the example file “convolution_example.m” and should generate an output as shown below.

7. The VSG IPA Toolbox is now successfully installed.   
8. To uninstall the VSG IPA Toolbox, run the “uninstall.exe” executable which is located at C:\VSG_IPA_Toolbox\uninstall.exe.
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